Ryan Feeley

Product Designer based in Toronto, Canada

Recent Positions

Subskribe Inc.

Staff Designer

Mozilla Corporation

Staff Designer, Firefox Cloud Services

Mozilla Corporation

Senior Designer, Firefox Cloud Services

Case Studies

Subskribe SaaS Order Experience

Garnered acclaim for industry-leading usability

Firefox Account Ecosystem

Grew this platform from 0 to 20M users

Firefox Sync for Android

Reimagined a crucial feature to a net-new browser

Firefox Notes Add-on

Launched a successful experiment that became an essential add-on

Firefox Send Tab

Championed a feature that doubled the retention of its users

Firefox Preferences Redesign

User-centered design improved user success by 30%

Firefox Feud Game

Created a survey-driven game to help the organization think more like the user and have fun

Firefox Password Doorhanger

An interface so nice other browsers copied it twice

Firefox Sync Reboot

10×ed the number of users in ⅒ᵗʰ the time

Portlandia Season 3

Pioneering parallax pulled props and awards

Toronto Public Library Catalog Redesign

A major redesign that reduced support call volume


Subskribe Logo

“There are always discussions and compromises when it comes to ideal vs practical UX when working between UX/PM/Eng, but Ryan was able to continually navigate the trade-offs with superior UX design that kept the end-user in mind. I’d recommend Ryan to any org looking for an experienced designer. I would sure be lucky to work with him again in the future.”

Product Manager, Subskribe
John Medeiros

“Ryan is a data-driven product designer who has a gift for making functional experiences. He becomes so familiar with the product experience that he tends to be the person who files the most bugs. He pushes the entire team to empathize with the user.”

Product Manager, Mozilla
Alex Davis