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I think really hard about software interfaces so you don’t have to.

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Welcome to my website.

I’m a user experience designer of Cloud Services for Mozilla Toronto. Notable projects include search UIs for The Toronto Public Library, TinEye and Multicolr Search Lab and fun IA like Back to Portlandia.

Your people can contact my people through the medium of e-mail.

What’s designed. What’s built. What’s needed.

6th March 2012 By Ryan Feeley

One of the things that’s fascinating about developing products is the radical conflation of product planning, market appetite and the nuts and bolts of shipping software. When a project finally launches, it is invariably a product of the organizational culture from which it was created.

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Beyond Lorem Ipsum and why QWERTYUIOP ASDFGHJKL is not good enough.

27th September 2010 By Ryan Feeley

Whether you’re presenting designs for software interfaces, or working versions of software, using good example data can make the difference between a presentation that goes smoothly and a stuttering mess of interruptions.

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Squarespace hear my plea!

24th March 2010 By Ryan Feeley

While my career is firmly rooted in user experience design, I often find myself rescuing websites stuck in old-world web-designer arrangements and migrating them to blog/CMS platforms like Wordpress or Squarespace.

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