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In Telecom

By Ryan Feeley

Jumping into the VoIP

On 08, Mar 2007 | 2 Comments | In Telecom | By Ryan Feeley

I made my first foray into VoIP by placing an order for the dry DSL/VoIP combo with Chatham’s Teksavvy.

Other contenders for VoIP included: Zingotel, Vbuzzer, Babytel and Iristel (who also provide DSL).

Now for the hardware. I can forego the cost of a VoIP router and just buy a SIP capable VoIP phone. I can’t justify the cost of this Linksys beauty down the block but it’s tempting.

I’ll keep you all updated.

Ditching the Dial Tone. VoIPing in Toronto.

On 03, Mar 2007 | 3 Comments | In Telecom, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

For years I’ve paid the big telcos Bell, Rogers and Sprint far too much for my landline and long distance. Seeing as SkypeIn won’t be in Canada anytime soon, I decided to brave the VoIP landscape of Toronto. This is tricky because I don’t get my Internet from cable and many of the DSL providers are unable to provide dry loop DSL. My current home ISP is Magma with whom I am extremely happy. Very reliable, fast speeds, and responsive service. But they won’t let me ditch my dial tone, so I’m looking elsewhere.

The only option I have come across for far is Iristel. Their Ultimate Bundle promises very fast Internet speeds and a VoIP telephone line. It’s basically the VOiP equivalent of Primus’ phone and internet bundle.

Does anyone have any tips?

The number you are dialling is annoying

Since the great 416/647 split of 2001 most of us living in Southern Ontario have become accustomed to dialling 10 digits to make local calls. I haven’t.

While I rarely forget to dial the area code (416, 647 or 905), I often mistakenly dial 1 first as if I were dialling long distance. In either instance, I am informed of my mistake by a robot and forced to hang up and dial again.

Dear POTS head executives:

  • In the instance of a superfluous 1, why not connect me anyway? (warning optional)
  • In the instance where I neglect to include the area code, why not assume I mean my area code and proceed with the call? (warning optional)

Fido and Google SMS

On 16, Feb 2007 | One Comment | In Telecom, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

I just received my first mobile phone bill from Fido after a month of using Google Calendar and SMS. It wasn’t free. 🙁

I do not have an SMS package, but was told I would be receiving unlimited text messages free of charge. Unfortunately contrary to what Google says Fido categorizes their alerts as premium messages at 15¢ each. Oddly, outgoing messages to Google SMS were not charged.

Not a big deal for the odd Google SMS request, but when I have a day booked full of activities, the calendar alerts can really add up.

I called Fido and have upgraded my plan to include a $3/month SMS package and have been told I will no longer be charged for incoming messages.