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Locations featured on Street Eats

On 19, Feb 2007 | 2 Comments | In Food, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

I’m a big fan of the Toronto TV show called Street Eats. Each episode features a regional cuisine and where you can enjoy the dishes in and around Toronto. With a bias toward the affordable, the show paints this city as a culinary utopia. In my estimation, for most cuisines, no city comes close in terms of variety, quality and price. And the fact that we all get along pretty well is icing on the churro.

I scraped their list of 163 locations mentioned in the show and made a Google map with my new favourite web tool ZeeMaps.

Most are in the GTA, so click the cluster near Toronto, magnify in, and enjoy!




In Toronto

By Ryan Feeley

Tobogganing. The new Jazzercise?

On 18, Feb 2007 | 2 Comments | In Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

Went tobogganing in Riverdale Park with some friends last night. After several rushes to the bottom and slogs to the top I decided that I need to do it more often while possible. It’s fun and great exercise. I am hunting for some good toboggans.

I have created a ZeeMap for Tobogganing with Riverdale Park added and encourage you to add favourite spots to it. Where are all the great tobogganing hills of the world? Add a marker each. No password required!

Fido and Google SMS

On 16, Feb 2007 | One Comment | In Telecom, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

I just received my first mobile phone bill from Fido after a month of using Google Calendar and SMS. It wasn’t free. ๐Ÿ™

I do not have an SMS package, but was told I would be receiving unlimited text messages free of charge. Unfortunately contrary to what Google says Fido categorizes their alerts as premium messages at 15ร‚ยข each. Oddly, outgoing messages to Google SMS were not charged.

Not a big deal for the odd Google SMS request, but when I have a day booked full of activities, the calendar alerts can really add up.

I called Fido and have upgraded my plan to include a $3/month SMS package and have been told I will no longer be charged for incoming messages.




In Toronto

By Ryan Feeley

Snowballed on Way to Work

On 15, Feb 2007 | 6 Comments | In Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

When Julia and I left the house this morning, a woman new to the building next door walked past and unleashed on us a venomous torrent of curses and insults. We waited for her to walk a half a block ahead and then followed behind her. She cursed the entire time but eventually she turned left and disappeared from sight. After Julia and I parted ways on College I ran into the neighbour again. The cussing continued and much to my surprise it became physical. The neighbour hurled snowballs and even kicked my foot as I walked away!

Now some background to make it interesting… About a week ago, I remember leaving the house to go to work. Departing her front door at the same time was this new tenant from the neighbouring building. As we both approached our own gates, I coughed. When we passed each other on the sidewalk, she faced me and coughed repeatedly as if I had coughed directly in her face.

For the rest of the day I replayed this scene in my mind and to my colleagues. “Did I imagine coughing an entire house away or is she just disturbed?”.

So this morning, as we emerged through our front door I noticed that the neighbour was walking past. She did not notice us, and oddly coughed unprovoked. Very funny. So to catch her attention I coughed from my front porch. She looked up and that’s when the cursing began. During our second encounter which became physical she actually said “I know where you live.”

So in short, what should I do? I would say something to her landlord, but honestly she doesn’t come across as a stable person either. She is a senior that dresses and sounded like a 6 year-old scouring the streets for garbage which she then displays on her front lawn. I think the two of them might even be related.

And the larger question is: why does Toronto have more mentally disturbed people walking the streets than any other city I have lived in, or even visited? If the ambitious move to New York, do the ones that need to silence the voices of their heads move to Toronto? If they are, it ain’t working.