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Google SMS, now in Canada

According to their FAQ, Google SMS is now (finally) available in Canada. This means that you can send text messages to Google and receive a response in seconds.

From their instructions:

To get movie showtimes, enter the name of a CURRENT movie and include a city and province, or postal code (ex: moviename laval qc, moviename R3H 0H4).

To get business listings, enter what you want to find and include a city and province, or postal code (ex: pizza laval qc, cafe m2n 5s3).

To get translations, enter ‘translate’ (or ‘t’) followed by the expression, ‘to’ and a destination language (ex: translate dog to french, t new to german).

To find definitions on the Web, enter ‘define’ (or ‘d’) followed by the word or phrase (ex: define ubiquitous, d network).

For NBA/NHL/MLB/NFL/NCAA scores/schedules, enter a team name (ex: Lakers, Sharks, Mets, Jets, Duke). Available only for sports in season.

Foodland Ontario Produce Availability Guide for your iPod

On 20, Jan 2007 | One Comment | In Apple, Food, iPod, Ontario | By Ryan Feeley

Foodland iPod LogoI like to cook, and am happiest using fresh local produce. Sometimes I refer to the Foodland Ontario Produce Availability Guide which lists when Ontario fruits and vegetables are in season and at their peak. I don’t have a mobile browser and even if I did, the site would not work well on it. So I decided to make a version that would fit on an iPod.

  1. Download the iPod Notes Version (ZIP)
  2. In iTunes, enable disk use.
  3. Copy the Guide into your Notes folder.
  4. Unmount iPod.
  5. Browse to Extras » Notes » Ontario Produce
  6. Read the Read Me file
  7. Eat Local!

iPod Notes

If you would like easier access to the Notes you can do so in:

iPod › Settings › Main Menu › Notes (turn on)

Enjoy! Source: Excel (ZIP)