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In Food

By Ryan Feeley

Delicious Dish #1

On 24, Feb 2008 | No Comments | In Food | By Ryan Feeley

Deep in the conditional-pass wasteland known as Chinatown East is a gem of a restaurant called Hanoi 3 Seasons. If I was ever pressed to name an all-time favourite dish, this would probably be it.

Fish Bun

If you’re familiar with Vietnamese food, you’ll probably know the vermicelli noodle dish called Bún. The easiest way for me to describe the dish is to call it a fish Bún. Lots of fresh herbs, even dill… The photo perhaps describes it better.

The menu is comprised of dishes selected by super-friendly owner Hai Luke from his homeland of north Vietnam.

NOW Magazine Toronto Restaurant Guide for iPod

On 18, Jun 2007 | 13 Comments | In Apple, Food, iPod, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

NOW Restaurant Guide for iPodGet NOW’s Restaurant Reviews of Toronto’s 907 essential eateries in ultra-convenient iPod Notes format. Every restaurant listed on NOW’s Restaurant Guide has been downloaded and formatted as iPod Notes. Never again will you find your hungry iPod-holding self in an unfamiliar Toronto neighbourhood with nary a clue as to where to eat.

  • Download and unzip NOW Restaurant Guide for iPod (ZIP, 400K)
  • In iTunes, enable disk use for iPod
  • Connect your iPod (2002 model or newer)
  • Copy the Guide into your Notes folder
  • Unmount iPod
  • Browse to Extras » Notes
  • Wait for it to load
  • Select NOW Reviews
  • Read’em and eat!

Content by NOW Magazine. Programming by (my Python hero) Jakub Labath. Concept and design (if you can call it that) by me.

If you are new to iPod Notes, check out some of my other creations:




In Food

By Ryan Feeley

Espresso Steps

On 12, Jun 2007 | 4 Comments | In Food | By Ryan Feeley

Contrary to my own advice, a few months ago I went and bought an espresso machine and grinder. The espresso machine was almost 50% off and, due to both environmental and genetic factors, I am simply unable to resist a bargain. Now that I am able to pull consistently good shots, and steam consistently silky milk, I am amazed at how time consuming the whole process is. For any of you interested in making espresso at home, here are the steps involved, at least with my machine.

  1. Ensure machine has enough filtered water, fill if not
  2. Press in espresso machine’s power button
  3. Get two mugs
  4. Remove coffee beans from cupboard
  5. Grind beans
  6. When espresso machine ready light appears, release an inch of water from wand into cup to prime machine and heat cup
  7. When light appears again, pour empty shot into other cup to simultaneously heat portafilter and cup
  8. Fill basket full with freshly ground coffee, tamp and mount
  9. Place mug under portafilter
  10. Press in steam button, wait ten seconds to increase heat
  11. Press out steam button and then press in brew button
  12. Brew for 22 seconds max
  13. Press out brew button, put mugs aside
  14. Press in steam button
  15. Get a heavy glass
  16. When light appears, open wand to release wet steam into glass with towel on top until light turns off
  17. Get pitcher from freezer, attach thermometer, fill 1/2 way with milk (below spout dimple)
  18. Submerge wand into milk, open wand fully, remain just under surface to hear slight sizzle sound, steam milk until it reaches 160° and turn steam off before removing wand to avoid mess.
  19. Bang down pitcher to remove big bubbles, swirl 10 times
  20. Pour milk into mugs
  21. With towel on heat-proof glass, turn off machine and release remaining steam into heavy glass until near silent. Shut off, enjoy coffee.


  1. Water fill cover
  2. Steam valve knob
  3. ON/OFF button
  4. Brew head
  5. Steam wand
  6. Water tank with Max Line
  7. Power cord
  8. Drip tray grate
  9. Drip tray
  10. Accessory Drawer
  11. Tray Base Drawer
  12. Ground coffee basket
  13. Pod coffee basket
  14. Pod coffee pressure insert
  15. Starbucks Rapporto filter
  16. Brew head cleaner
  17. Measuring spoon
  18. STEAM button
  19. Ready light
  20. BREW button

Ontario Produce in May

On 09, May 2007 | No Comments | In Food, Ontario | By Ryan Feeley

May is now in full swing and just a reminder to look for recipes using these ingredients.


  • Asparagus
  • Cucumber – Greenhouse
  • Onions – Cooking
  • Peppers – Greenhouse – Red, Yellow & Orange
  • Rutabaga
  • Tomatoes – Greenhouse


  • Apples – McIntosh, Cortland, Empire, Spartan, Red Delicious, Northern Spy, Golden Delicious, Idared, Crispin
  • Rhubarb – Field
  • Carrots without tops
  • Lettuce – Greenhouse
  • Mushrooms
  • Radishes
  • Spinach
  • Sprouts – Bean & Alfalfa

Download the Ontario Product Availability Guide for your iPod