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Printing TTC Schedules, The Better Way

On 18, Aug 2009 | One Comment | In TTC, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

Last week I printed out the timetable of a TTC bus stop near me and was disappointed with the results. It took three pages and, shudder, was overloaded with white space. Here’s what it looks like:

31 Route

Ideally the TTC can move to a vastly more efficient printed layout, but in the meantime a little CSS hack will do. Today I spent a few minutes looking at Greenwood Station – 31 Greenwood and have coded some CSS that can be appended to their print stylesheet.

My suggestions:

  • Removed the route diagram from the printed version. It consumes vertical space and is not readable as a thumbnail.
  • Removed the “Next 3 scheduled buses” block. The full timetable is below, and once printed it’s obsolete.
  • Removed inactive tabs (e.g. Saturday, Sunday, Monday) to avoid confusion.
  • Set width of time containers to automatic to prevent wrapping

Here’s what it looks like:

TTC Route 31 Printed

And here’s the CSS code (please comment improvements!):


  1. Ordinarily we print only in black and white save for photographs. But yes, it’s better.

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