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By Ryan Feeley

The Stop That Wasn’t There

On 12, May 2009 | 4 Comments | In TTC | By Ryan Feeley

I moved to the Danforth area about a year and a half ago and am often waiting at Queen for the northbound 31 Greenwood bus. This is a problematic stop with northbound buses on either side of the street that also lacks a posted schedule for the primary line. Despite repeated requests to the TTC and even Councillor Giambrone over the past 18 months, I have been unable get a schedule posted for Route 31. I sense that I am perhaps not making myself clear, so I have drawn a frikkin’ schematic.


Route 31 is a peculiar stop because the northbound bus waits facing south on the west side of Greenwood, instead of facing north on the east. It does this because it makes the next two rights and a left to get back onto Greenwood. Unless it’s the alternate B line which runs for a few hours a day and appears on the more obvious east side of the street.


On many occasions I have had to inform (and startle) people because they waiting on the wrong side of the street. It boggles my mind that our city spends thousands on glass bus shelters, but cannot manage to equip these shelters with a basic schedule. TTC, please equip at least the main stops on your routes with information about those routes. Not to Deride the Rocket, but how are we to know The Better Way?


  1. I put another set of stickers on the schedules. Let’s see how long till some teenaged strumpet peels them off (as I’ve witnessed directly).

  2. Brill Pappin

    I’ve been bitten by that one as well… several years ago the bus seemed to let people off and on at different locations at different times of day.

    When I looked into it (not nearly as thoroughly as you), I discovered that because of city rules, the bus has to do a bit of jiggery-pokery at certain times of day because it has to go through a residential street (Hiltz). Something to do with what traffic is allowed on that street at certain times of day.

    I bet if you asked the bus driver, he/she might be able to give you a better answer. Also check out the street signs, it should be marked if there are special rules.

  3. Brill’s explanation is incorrect. 31 just turns around onto Queen, Hiltz, and Dorothy. 31B has a different path along Queen, Leslie, Eastern, Woodward, Queen again, and Greenwood again.

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