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In Toronto

By Ryan Feeley

Our AutoShare Year – 2008

On 15, Jan 2009 | 3 Comments | In Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

AutoShare LogoAs posted in 2006 but not 2007, I’ve created a spreadsheet detailing our AutoShare expenses for the past year. For those of you unfamiliar with AutoShare, they provide excellent cars for hourly usage in locations across Toronto. Ideal for trips in and out of the city that require less than a day; after that point a traditional rental usually offers better value.

My wife and I are on their basic $10/month plan and over the course of the year incurred $25.25 of “Idiot Fees” (last minute cancellations, extensions by phone, etc.). We are very happy with the service and whole-heartedly recommend it. If only the nearby Beer Store would cooperate and provide AutoShare a spot, it would save us a 1km walk to the closest car!

A nice bonus was a $25 referral fee in August! Those are very welcome, so keep us in mind if you sign up!


  1. The idiot fees are killer! Autoshare’s paper and key based system is so clumsy I always screwed it up or got busted for stuff, until they finally kicked me out! I am now on zipcar for the better part of a year and couldn’t be happier.

    Zipcar’s techno-fantastic all-cloudbased, rfid card, and mobile app reservation system is much wilder better and easier to use than autoshare that it’s hard to explain.

    As a UI guy, I think you’d be happier with zipcar!

    ps… use my zipcar referal bonus… 😉

  2. Definitely AutoShare’s antiquated paper system requires a level of sobriety… or… alertness, that Zipcar doesn’t. But Zipcar’s cars are even further away from Greenwood/Danforth. A total deal breaker.

  3. Jim Graham

    I know this is years out of date, but you must know that there are now Zipcars in the parking lot of your Beer Store now.

    And also 1 block away on Strathmore.

    Seems they moved the cars that were close to me into your neighbourhood.

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