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User Experience

Quantifying Feedback

On 09, Apr 2008 | One Comment | In User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

One of the challenges companies face when they are developing a new product is incorporating user feedback into development. It’s often easy to get users to describe what they would like to see in a product, but when the suggestions number into the hundreds, and in Google’s case, the thousands, triaging the feedback becomes a nightmare.

This morning I was frustrated by Google Calendar’s colouring scheme. I can select a similars colours for calendars that are related, which is great, but for some strange reason the calendars I maintain are more pale than the calendars I subscribe to. That means visually my calendars are less important than other people’s calendars. Depending on the path you have chosen for your life, this is a problem. I decided to submit some feedback and came across this feedback page:

Partial screenshot of Google Calendar quanitifiable feedback page

While there was a option to suggest “Customize Google Calendar’s color scheme”, my feedback was more specific than this. But in a way it did allow me to express a problem which can be addressed by a redesign of the colour selection. It’s an interesting route to take when you are faced with an unmanageable amount of valuable feedback.


  1. dave slimmon

    Oh Gmail Calendar, will you ever win?

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