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Radiolab’s genius made my brain pee its pants

On 03, Apr 2008 | One Comment | In Hi-fi, iPod | By Ryan Feeley

rl_mainlogo.gifIt’s strange for a science-themed radio show to evoke both memories of Radiohead and Stereolab, but WNYC’s Radiolab does just that. Like those bands, Radiolab is both cerebral and sonic. Imagine if a band like The Books produced a radio show with a mandate to dissect the human condition. Thanks to the convenience of modern technology, this show which airs locally in New York on Fridays at 3pm on 93.9 FM, is also available as a Podcast.

I have been listening to it during my 25-minute commute to Idée for a few weeks and it is pure mind-bending genius. Scientific streams of consciousness flow beautifully along singular themes like Deception or Laughter. As if the content of the show was not engaging enough, the sound construction is dizzying. Field recordings scrambled with interviews, narrative, musical punctuations all serving the show’s theme beautifully. Seriously, you have to listen to this podcast. And because it’s such a sonic experience, I really do recommend grabbing the best pair of headphones you can get your hands on to best enjoy the ride.


  1. I just had to jump in a thank you for pointing out the Radiolab podcast, what a gem.

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