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Producing Flash video screencasts on a Mac

On 03, Apr 2008 | 6 Comments | In Apple, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

screenflowapp.pngIt’s been years since producing my last screencast and I still can’t believe how difficult it is to produce a screencast on a Mac and publish in Flash (FLV) format.

Vara Software’s Screenflow is an incredibly well-designed screencasting tool. Unfortunately it only supports Quicktime export, which just doesn’t have the install-base Flash does–if it did, a Quicktime-based YouTube would have happened ages ago.

Vara’s support recommended I try VisualHub which works beautifully. And for the embedded player we’re using Flowplayer. My original plan was to embed h.264 video in Flowplayer, but that codec is only available in the very very latest version of the Flash plugin.

Here are the Idée screencasts:


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