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I cut the mustard at Idée!

On 02, Feb 2008 | No Comments | In Toronto, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

logo.gifWhew! I can finally breathe a large sigh of relief. I passed my three month probationary period at Idée!

I met Leila and Paul at the first BarCamp in 2005 when they demoed their image identification software. Few companies in Toronto have so clearly found their calling. Their mission to propel the image business forward drops more jaws every month. Last September I took on some freelance design work with their wunderteam. Shortly thereafter I was offered a full time position as Senior Designer.

In the first few months alone we have gotten a ton of things done. New names and brands for Idée’s two products PixID and Piximilar. A site redesign. Interface design for the labs. A new blog. Print materials. And top secret projects which, if revealed early, would ultimately result in your death.

It’s an amazing environment where everyday everyone gets gently nudged into outdoing themselves. The results are surprising and incredibly rewarding. If you’d like to join us, we (me + Idée) are hiring!

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