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Music is Here, if here is Latvia

On 23, Jan 2008 | One Comment | In Hi-fi, iPod | By Ryan Feeley

musicishere.gifI made my first music purchase on Zunior. It was Sandro Perriā€™s excellent album Tiny Mirrors. Experience went smoothly and I highly recommend it.

I have a tenuous familial connection to banjo maestro Jayme Stone and desperately needed a digital version of his latest album The Utmost after having heard some tracks online. Zunior does not carry this album so I looked elsewhere.

Loosely connected to indie music store CD Baby, I came across a Latvian site called Music is Here. The site lacks a solid design, Paypal and contact information and that almost kept me away from making the purchase. I’m glad I was not deterred. It’s a great album and downloaded nicely in FLAC format, although they provide downloads in more formats than I can list. I have converted it to Apple Lossless and it’s taking up a sizeable chunk of my 4B Nano.

UPDATE: As expected a $10.63 charge for the album appeared on my credit card statement.


  1. hi ryan,

    it’s a small world where news travels fast. evidently my manager peruses the web looking for news about my music and forwarded your blog entry to me.

    so we’re related? you’ve got me curious.

    anyway, thanks for a keeping an ear to the ground, finding my music and letting the hoi polloi know about it. hope to catch up in person one of these days and feel free to email me anytime.



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