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Zunior Digital Music Downloads

On 20, Jan 2008 | One Comment | In Apple, Hi-fi, Ontario | By Ryan Feeley

ZuniorWhen I buy music I tend to lean towards purchasing local, independent music. Until recently I have been starved for an option that satisfies my embarassingly particular needs:

  1. Downloadable. Why take up any more space on the planet when we’ve long since moved on to digital formats.
  2. Lossless format. Why amass an inventory of MP3s that are less than CD quality? Sure, I might convert tracks to MP3 for my iPod, but I want nothing less than CD quality in the archives.
  3. iTunes and iPod-compatible. If I can’t get it to play in my iPod, it might as well be 8-track.
  4. Open Source. Music purchased from the iTunes Music Store will only play on devices licensing Apple’s technology. Cars for ages have supported MP3 CDs, but I’ve never seen one support AAC. Why build a library of songs that might not be future-friendly? No, transcoding is not an option.

Finally there’s Zunior. Canadian. Indie. And they offer FLAC for an extra $2 per album. Now that a solution exists to get FLAC into iTunes (which can be later converted to MP3, AAC or even Apple Lossless) I finally have a legimate source for the music I love in the format I love it. Thanks Zunior!

UPDATE: As expected a $10.42 charge for the album appeared on my credit card statement.


  1. Andrew

    Another great site for buying music is bleep. I thought they had FLAC at one point, but they don’t seem to offer it anymore. However their MP3s are encoded at a really high bitrate.

    Amie Street only sells MP3 as well, and I think they’re encoded lower, but they have a cool model wherein undiscovered tracks start at free, and the price goes up to $0.98 based on popularity. It encourages people to dig for gems to get the best deals. All indie artists.

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