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Best Prank Ever

On 23, Sep 2007 | One Comment | In Uncategorized | By Ryan Feeley

A few months ago I was the victim of an elaborate prank; one so ingenious that I would like to share its details with you.

My wife and were married just over a year ago. We received many wonderful gifts from friends and family, including people I had not heard from in years. About eight months after the wedding a best wishes card arrived in the mail from someone I had not seen in probably 15 years. It was from a neighbourhood dad from my hometown who makes his living as a motivational speaker; a very unique trade for a small town. You must check out his web site to see just how very unique he is.

A few weeks before this, one of his daughters had contacted me on FaceBook. I assumed she had gleaned from my profile that I was recently married and had passed along the news to her dad. The envelope contained a card, a letter and a gift card to The Bay for $125! A wonderful surprise! However the gift itself was nothing compared to the PRICELESS contents of the letter which were a scrambled mess of Tonyrobbinisms including an invitation to his “Energy for Life” presentation in Niagara Falls. It was absolutely incredible yet I completely believed it. I even sent his daughter a message on FaceBook asking her to thank her dad for the generous gift.

Weeks later when discussing the card with my family my brother shook his head in disbelief. “STEVE did it!” he shouted, referring to a friend we’d grown up who lived next door to the motivational speaker. I asked him “Well what about the $125?”. There was a pause, and then… “Well what did he get you as a wedding present?”.

  View Full Size. Really!

I got up from the table, got on my knees and pressed my forehead to the floor. I had been had by a great master of pranks, one who even gave generously. The connection to his daughter on Facebook was a complete coincidence which, luckily for Steve, added another dimension of believability to the prank. I hope you will get even 1% of the laugh that I got from this prank.


  1. Great prank! he got you alright!

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