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List what you want and you shall receive… on Facebook

On 13, Jul 2007 | 2 Comments | In Apple, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

iPod Power AdapterLast year my wife was given a friend’s iPod mini and ever since she’s been in the market for the accompanying power adapter (which was not included). I’ve been reluctant to buy one new at the Apple Store because they’re $39 so I yesterday I decided to post it in Marketplace on Facebook under “List what you want”. Within 15 minutes I had one response from a friend offering it for free, and by evening there were two more offers. Incredible. I am going to get more stuff on there, including things for sale because it clearly works.

Now if only we Facebookers could be more specific about what we’re looking to sell or looking to buy. UPC code? No. Amazon URL? Maybe. We could then be auto-matched with our friends, our friends’ friends and even people within our network. Sure it would be terrible for the economy, but great for the environment. Buying crap you don’t need isn’t such a sin when it’s second hand is it?


  1. Peter

    Jeez Ryan,

    I get the concept. But isn’t it a bit much to “ask” for an Intel Duo Core laptop and Microsoft Zune MP3 player? Besides, I thought you were an Apple-head? In the spirit of things, I think I am going offer a very limited edition, signed Cerebella calendar and see what happens…:)


  2. Hey, I could use one of those too… can you find let me know who else has an extra one.. and perhaps I can buy it from them/trade it for some of my junk? =)

    (btw, ryan, drop me an email …)

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