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I’m on a Mexican Video

On 10, Jun 2007 | No Comments | In Uncategorized | By Ryan Feeley

We’ve been back a week from our better-than-honeymooon trip to Patzcuaro Mexico. Here’s a selection of videos hosted on Google Video, which if you can believe it, has been processing one of the videos for a whole week and is still not done.

An almost 360° view of the Patzcuaro’s central square called Plaza Vasco de Quiroga.

Some of traditional dancers on the square doing the dance of the Viejitos (little old fogies?).

Even more.

Some caged chicks for sale. Not what it sounds like.

An almost 360° view from the highest point in town.

The hotel’s security official, an adorable Shar Pei called Vanilla with some nerve problems in his back legs.

During rainy season it rains up to an hour a day but what a cathartic rain it is.

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