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Look Ma, No Bell

On 09, May 2007 | 4 Comments | In Telecom, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

So my transition from traditional phone line (aka POTS) is now complete. No longer dependent on the likes of Bell or Rogers, I and am using Chatham, ON based Teksavvy for both VoIP and Dry-loop DSL. I even ported my original phone number and waited the ceremonial five weeks. Internet has been incredibly reliable, and phone has been decent although sometimes exhibits VoIPish qualities, especially during big transfers. I never hear problems but the people I’m talking to sometimes do. I guess the provider knows where there bread is buttered.

Here are my suggestions for a reduced hiccup transition, which is a lot harder than it should be:

  1. Using your existing internet connection, pick a VoIP provider that will provide you with a new local number.
  2. Get VoIP hardware; either a VoIP adaptor or a SIP-capable phone and plug it into your router or DSL modem.
  3. Forward your traditional phone line to your new number.
  4. Use your new VoIP phone to place all outgoing calls.
    • Hiccup: the people you’re calling will see your new unknown number in their Call Display.
  5. Switch to a DSL provider that supports Dry-loop (aka Naked) DSL.
    • Hiccup: they will likely install a new line in a different room which means your phone and router must move with it.
  6. Thanks to phone number portability regulations, you should inform your VoIP provider that you would like to port an existing number.
  7. Wait minimum 5 weeks for the phone number transfer to take place. Your traditional phone service will be automatically cancelled when you remove the number.



  1. 5 Weeks?!? That must be a DSL related thing — I switched everything over to Cogeco (Cable Internet/VOIP) and the waiting period was only five business days from the request.

    Cogeco came in, cut bell’s wire (what a great feeling) and tapped directly in at that point. The made the switch and cancelled my account for me in one seamless move.

  2. Wil Cleland

    Well, I have been a Tek Savvy Dry-Loop Dsl and Voip client for nearly 6 months now and let me tell you those hiccups get worse, and if you like being lied to then stay with your current ISP, and as far as Bell goes…your still with them because Tek Savvy just re-sells and doesnt really offer anything in the way of tech-support other than a good shoulder to cry on about your woes of your service. Anyway, I am now switched over to cable and lovin the difference in my Dedicated VOIP service, as opposed to using critical upload speed for my calls. Thanx cogeco…Tek Savvy…you can take a flyin leap for all your so called help. 5 months of no real service just to move a week after they finally put in an aerial line (TY Bell). Couldnt even figure out a rotted line was causeing my sync errors and totally useless 60 dollar/ month line.Thanks again for wasting my time and money Tek Savvy. Looking forward to posting EVERYWHERE about your horrible service attitudes and just plain money hungry screw the little guy mentality. Wil.

  3. Denis

    I think Ryans comments should not be misdirected.. I am a DSL repair technician for the leading communications provider. tek savvy only rents the dryloop dsl from bell. It still comes through on Bells network, The great feeling is when we go out on the repairs and see no sync or intermittent sync and the colt meter clearly shows that you have sync @ the OSP outside protection station or NID ( Network Interface device) and the Cap (capacity) on the line is good. We can look you in the eye and tell you that sync is good to our ending point call your ISP. This gets us out of fixing your internal problems and we can smile at you and say, Have A Nice Day. As for VOIP lines. the technology is far from good. If you want end to end quality stay with the company that ivented the telephone. If not for telephone lines the Internet would have never worked to begin with. Something to think about before you Penny pinch with you communications providers.

  4. Denis

    Another thing, Rogers, what a fucking joke. they provide poor service all around. This spends more money on advertising shitty service to steal Bells customers away for a month or 2. Or win over the hearts of new 3rd world immigrants that no nothing but shitty service so he can try and buy a World Series Baseball team. He wants to be the Ted Turner of Canada. Bell sold off alot of their Media and sports ownerships to get back to traditional service. Once you get too big the only way to succeed is look at your bottom line what got you there to begin with. Starting over and learning from mistakes and watching others make them and learning from that only puts you in the drivers seat for a Better Outlook to succeed and stay successful in the future. Who invented the telephone? And what company is that? Thats right . Canadas Leading Communications company. Not, hey we bought the company but couldn’t afford Murphy Brown, we got a new Back Catcher instead.

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