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Pay less as you go

On 28, Apr 2007 | 3 Comments | In Ontario, Telecom | By Ryan Feeley

7-11 Speak Out Wireless logoIt’s been four months since wifey Julia purchased a Pay-As-You-Go (PAYG) mobile phone and minutes from 7-11. As an illustrator chained to her home studio, she has very little need for a mobile phone. But when she’s away at Sheridan teaching, or meeting up with friends, a handy comes in handy.

For $100 she got 500 minutes and a very simple but nice Nokia handset. That’s less per minute than most of us pay during peak hours on a monthly plan. The best thing about 7-11’s minutes is that, unlike other PAYG programs, they last a full year. I was worried she would burn through her minutes fast enough to justify committing to a monthly plan, but I my fears have been allayed. After four months, the numbers are in and she’s spent $65 of the $100. That’s $16.25/month!


  1. Daniel Cook

    I have wifey on a similiar deal — only the phone is a Motorola bought from a Rogers Video store, but we buy the refills from 7-11. $100 for one year — so it’ll be interesting to see if we can match your $16.25 burn rate.

  2. Hey Ryan, just bounced in from a thread at RFD (another Ryan, as it happens) and I’m starting to think this would be a perfect service for my impending iPhone! I think Mark’s sold on one as well now.

    Thanks for the report 🙂

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