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Torontonians surpass 1/2 million mark on Facebook

On 21, Apr 2007 | 32 Comments | In User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

As of today, according to Facebook’s network section, Toronto has the world’s largest Facebook network. Here’s a list of big mostly English speaking Metro areas, and their Facebook penetration. Population data courtesy Wikipedia. According to this data, almost 1/10 Torontonians are also Facebookers, as opposed to around 1/100 New Yorkers.

City Metro Population Facebook Members
Toronto, Canada 5,113,149 +500,000
London, UK 7,554,236 338,188
New York City 18,818,536 206,228
Chicago 9,505,748 195,410
Vancouver 2,116,581 159,947
Los Angeles 12,950,129 102,130
Calgary 1,079,310 90,859
Philadelphia 5,826,742 90,091
Montreal 3,635,571 82,922
Houston 5,539,949 69,682
San Francisco 4,180,027 48,496

Perhaps citizens of other cities are more fearful of their pasts coming back to poke them?

UPDATE: Scott Brooks posts even more evidence! St. John, NB 25%?


  1. Geoff

    First we take Manhattan, then we take Berlin… or we could just take Facebook?

  2. I wonder how long it will take those other cities to catch the FB “bug” like Toronto has – once it does we’ll be very quickly left in the dust. But then again, maybe those cities have better things to do with their time…

  3. I think this shows how much room Facebook has to grow. For some stats on their recent growth see:

  4. nit picky

    You might want to recheck your chicago population, in 2005 the metro area was 9,443,356 people. Not like it matters much.

  5. nit picky: well spotted. I fixed it, thanks!

  6. Kurt Gooden

    I am very surprised that no one has commented that not only is Toronto leading the charge, but if you rank all those listed by penetration (FB/Metro) you will see that Vancouver and Calgary are also beating the other cities listed.

  7. Geoff

    Toronto could be starting to shake its inferiority complex, beginning to define its own identity instead of looking elsewhere for approval. Like, we are going to lead this thing… where on this list is San Francisco… the capital of the wired world?

  8. neil

    perhaps it’s just because torontonians would rather interact with a screen than a real live person… can’t talk to each other in bars and clubs… but we can talk on facebook

  9. Geoff

    A whole other can of worms. Are people in Toronto antisocial? I was struck by this quote from a recent film review, “Toronto does not care about you, about what you do, about where you’re going or what you’re wearing. In Toronto, nobody is watching from behind their kitchen window curtains, nobody knows your parents, grandparents and dentist, nobody remembers where you went to school or how bad your hair was in Grade 11, and nobody is cluck-clucking about your divorce, weight gain, poor investment strategy or binge drinking.”

  10. I could care less about Facebook, but thanks for leading me to that article Geoff, it was a good read!

  11. Matty Samps

    could people just be adding themselves to the toronto network to score hot chicks or studs on a weekend getaway? hmmmm discuss. hahaha

  12. jay

    I’m from Toronto and love Facebook. The reason seems to be the same for a lot of the people I know who are also on Facebook: hooking up with long lost friends. Also, it’s good to keep in touch with extremely busy people. Example: My friend is a lawyer. When she started working I was never able to see her or talk to her because of her crazy hours. Since she’s joined Facebook I get to find out how she’s doing any time I want and vice versa.

  13. London, UK, is catching up fast – as of now it has 443,149 members, as opposed to the 338,188 it had less than a month ago according to your table…

  14. man, north american people must be the most pathetic on the face of the earth. nothing better to do than just be on facebook. no wonder we escape to mexico, latin america, spain, italy and other countries that socialize like normal people rather than on the internet

  15. suzy clair

    Is ‘ah nobody’ for real?? You are using the very network that you are critical about….brush up on your english by the way

  16. Carter

    Maybe people actually go out and socialize in other cities….? I don’t know weather to be ashamed or proud…

  17. where is Washington, DC? They have 287,000 fb members, and I’m not sure, isn’t the population of DC only 500,000?

  18. damn, New York now has 414,000 members! (I’m writing on Sep. 28, some 5 months after this list).

  19. oh yeah, one more thing I want make the best use of my funny coach Nice joke! Where does a bird go when it loses its tail? The retail store.

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