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In Apple

By Ryan Feeley

How to know when the bands you listen to are coming to town

On 15, Apr 2007 | One Comment | In Apple | By Ryan Feeley

If you house your music collection in iTunes for OS X, and like going to concerts, this little chain of tips will be worth its weight in gold records.

  • Download iConcertCal for iTunes – iConcertCal will send your artist names to JamBase and create a calendar of shows for the city you specify
  • Set the preferences to Sync with iCal
  • Get an account with They’ve been providing free hosting for iCalendar data since 2002.
  • Publish from iCal to
  • Subscribe from the calendar in Google Calendar
  • In the Google Calendar settings click HTML button and you can generate a customized auto-updating calendar.


  1. An alternate and easier interface is available with Steps: * Create username & password * Click “load from iTunes” BeeThere will send you one email per week of matches. You can also get an RSS feed of upcoming, or recently announced concerts to put on your Google or Yahoo home page.

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