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Telus how we’re getting Rogered.

On 10, Apr 2007 | One Comment | In Ontario, Telecom | By Ryan Feeley

With the iPhone on the horizon, and the dream of usable mobile browsing on the way, local telecom heavy-user Tom Purves posts a very disturbing graph about the cost of mobile data rates in Canada. Let’s say you want to download a few albums worth of data to you iPhone from somewhere on the net that is not one of the “authorized providers”. With current data plans it will cost in the hundreds if not thousands of dollars. CRTC: please wake up and smell my ass burning because this is ridiculous.


  1. neil

    If people are really interested in making some movement on this issue, I would recommend sending this story to the newspapers… the Star, the Globe and the Post. I would also notify CityTV. Get it in the media first as a public concern, then start talking to your MPs citing the newsreports you’ve seen – you are more likely to get their attention this way.

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