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Yo-Yo Display Ideas

On 08, Apr 2007 | 3 Comments | In Uncategorized | By Ryan Feeley

If you’re like me, you have an unmanageably large collection of yo-yos in buckets with no way to display them. This handy design allows you to easily and beautifully present your yo-yos in a frame suitable for mounting in your living and/or bedroom. Thanks to my father for making this dream design a reality.

To highlight your natural wooden yo yos, place them in a bowl made from exotic wood.

See more Flickr photos by ryanfeeley.


  1. Karl

    Wow that is a great design. I’m looking for something like this to display my collection in my office. Any chance you would be willing to share the design?

    Thank you, Karl

  2. Would you be willing to send us this design. My husband is looking for a new rack for his yoyo collection and this is really awesome. Unless your dad wants to make and sell them.

  3. This is really cool and would be great for my husband’s collection would you send the design or would your dad be willing to make and sell them? Thank you

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