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Chinatown faves

On 25, Mar 2007 | One Comment | In Food, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

Having lived near Chinatown for the better part of a decade (Wow. Pause for reflection. That just means over 5 years right?) I have eaten at most of the places therein. Luckily they’re all easily brought up with a simple search for restaurants near Baldwin St. and Spadina on Google Maps.

Here’s my dubious designations for best Chinatown Spots:

Best Dim Sum, Rol San

  • The lineups don’t lie. Rol San has found the magical balance of freshness, quality and price. Eat in the back room for the incandescent lighting advantage. On weekends be prepared to wait unless you’re there by 11AM. Rule of thumb is 3N + 1 (order three dishes per person, plus one).

Best Salt and Pepper Squid, Xam Yu Seafood

  • Just north of the LCBO, this seafood-focused spot features standard dishes done solidly well.

Best Vietnamese, Pho Hung

  • On slow days you’ll find the staff unboxing fresh herbs shipping in from Vietnam. I am amazed at the quality of the beef in their noodle soup. The owner will not disclose his source or methods.

Best Dinner, E-Pan

  • New spot with that seems to be trying hard to impress. Well done dishes. Very friendly and clean.

Best Late Night, Rainbow Restaurant

  • On the north side of Dundas just west of Spadina, this largish Hong Kong style restaurant does dishes well late into the night. I recall ordering cold tea once with my best wink, but it never arrived.

Sushi, Simon Sushi

  • Lately we’ve had a few misses but it’s usually just above par with what’s available in Sushitown on Bloor.

Best Name (see photo)

Kom Jug Yuen Restaurant, available in larger sizes on Flickr.

Best Name Special Mention. M.Y Chafing Dish

  • Now called M.Y Hot Pot, M.Y Chafing Dish is a basement joint where I’ve never eaten but was nevertheless inspired to craft this pseudo haiku.

There is a dish

which is chafing

and it’s yours.


  1. neil

    dude! now we’ll have to get to rol san at 10.30am instead of 11.00am… we tried that red house place on bloor… the food wasn’t bad, the portions were huge, the quality was good, and for 3 of us it was only $35. the ingredient quality was actually quite good, but there was little zing or excitement. i think i saw a NOW magazine review headline that said: “ho hum dim sum” – that about sums it up.

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