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ZeeMaps picked up dinner

On 16, Mar 2007 | One Comment | In Food, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

Thanks to Sunnyvale startup ZeeMaps, Julia and I ate at a neighbourhood joint we’ve been eyeing for ages. Named Torito, meaning little bull, this Kensington Market tapas joint has been generating lots of buzz, and little bull, for ages.

Why did ZeeMaps buy dinner? Well, my feedback on their interface ballooned into more involved consulting. I love their product and I was happy to provide some suggestions for free. They were happy to implement many of the suggestions and offered to pick up dinner which was amazing! This was one of those storybook win-win situations that would not have been possible without the Internet. ZeeMaps, more designs are coming!

What tapas did we have? Smoked trout and avocado mayonnaise potato salad. Julia’s first ceviche. Grilled king fish. Crab croquettes. Flatiron steak. And tongue and cheek; literally braised tongue and cheek. Amazing. Including some drinks and delicious desserts it was a really nice night. Thanks ZeeMaps!!!


  1. Great story; I have loved the concept behind Zeemaps before they launched the site (darn lazyness got the best of me… then again, I was a bit busy with that whole “college” thing… c’est la vie).

    Anyway, was happy to read that they’re good people over there! I’ve sent in some suggestions myself!

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