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Lazy Susan Cam at Dim Sum

On 12, Mar 2007 | 7 Comments | In Food, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

Sunday dim sum at Rol San from now on will not be complete without recording a clip of all fellow diners using a digital camera and the lazy Susan in the middle of the table.


  1. suzie-Q

    hee hee, nice video ryan. i like the spinning action. who’s the cute guy with the glasses? the other guy! :p

  2. Jackie

    Hey– good job- I like this idea- I feel like I was there with you. jackie

  3. Ryan, this is brilliant.

  4. Thanks Rohan! I did this with my very old but very trusty Ricoh RDC-7 Digital Camera which has a flip-screen so the subjects can watch themselves being filmed. We ate at Rol San which is my favourite Dim Sum place in town (when I’m paying).

  5. This is amazing! I am so stealing this 😉

  6. Heya Ryan, that is really nice to see! I like when the ride speeds up at the end and everything is stretched in a blur…I felt like I was on one of those spinny playground toys…it would be cool to do one of these mini mechanical camera moves to the sound track of being on a rollercoaster…or a ferris wheel…and your site – she is so lovely and smart! –

  7. Steve H.

    Hey Ry,

    Very cool. I feel like I was there with you – only if I was there with you, I probably wouldn’t have thrown up in my lap like I did just now.

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