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Ditching the Dial Tone. VoIPing in Toronto.

On 03, Mar 2007 | 3 Comments | In Telecom, Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

For years I’ve paid the big telcos Bell, Rogers and Sprint far too much for my landline and long distance. Seeing as SkypeIn won’t be in Canada anytime soon, I decided to brave the VoIP landscape of Toronto. This is tricky because I don’t get my Internet from cable and many of the DSL providers are unable to provide dry loop DSL. My current home ISP is Magma with whom I am extremely happy. Very reliable, fast speeds, and responsive service. But they won’t let me ditch my dial tone, so I’m looking elsewhere.

The only option I have come across for far is Iristel. Their Ultimate Bundle promises very fast Internet speeds and a VoIP telephone line. It’s basically the VOiP equivalent of Primus’ phone and internet bundle.

Does anyone have any tips?


  1. Tom Purves has had dry loop DSL from a couple of ISPs: Bell Sympatico (yes, it’s available) and 3Web. According to this post he gets his VoIP service from VBuzzer.

  2. Thanks Rohan! I had looked into those options and I discovered:

    • Bell Sympatico is too slow and they cripple certain protocols.
    • Bell is the company I’m currently running from.
    • 3Web is indie cable and I don’t think this apartment even has cable installed.

    I’ll contact Tom about his experience. That sounds crazy cheap!

  3. Ah, an oldie but a goodie as they are prone to say on those godawful &qssq;Clauoic&tuot; hits radio stations. But, hey, it's not one of William's "Hit singles" without good reason.

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