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Most Disappointing RSS?

On 22, Feb 2007 | No Comments | In User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

The winner for the world’s most disappointing RSS feed in my opinion has to go to Consumer Reports. Full on black dots all around! How does that feel CR?

  • Gawdy jumbo logo embedded
  • Most often devoid of any content beyond a headline
  • Links that often just go to the site’s homepage
  • Links that are often often broken
  • A footer link advertising subscription to their site (even though I already do).

Here is an unflattering screenshot of their feed as viewed in Google Reader. I removed the two or three regular looking entries for shaming purposes.

I would bring this to their attention directly but ironically CR also has the worst customer relations too! Pretty much an impenetrable organization. No way to leave feedback. And their forums are topic-sensitive and moderated. Phone calls are or orders only. This is possibly to prevent their integrity from being compromised from the outside. But, get with it CR.

Consumer Reports CSS

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