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Full screen playback. A basic human right?

On 14, Feb 2007 | 2 Comments | In Apple, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

Actual 2007 screenshot

Full Screen Dialog

Dear Steve,

Thanks for all of the great video stuff that comes with my new iMac. iMovie HD, iDVD, Front Row, all free. Heck, even a remote control! So many amazing ways for me to not only watch my video files but also make some!

But I have to ask… with all this great video stuff, why not also include full screen video playback for Quicktime? Seems like something that should have been included long ago. Every other OS I can think of offers this feature, and often from within the web browser. Why not Apple?



  1. Absolutely. It’s just so small-time of Apple to charge $20 (as I recall) for a media player. Nobody else does. I have always been unwilling to pay the $20, even if it’s worth it.

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