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In Toronto

By Ryan Feeley

Our Autoshare Year – 2006

On 09, Feb 2007 | 8 Comments | In Toronto | By Ryan Feeley

In 2006, my wife and I completed our first calendar year as AutoShare members. I have all the bills assembled and decided to run some numbers for those of you who would like to know just what the deal is. It’s an incredibly convenient service which I hope spreads like wildfire throughout the cities of the world. Toronto’s AutoShare didn’t introduce this concept to the world by a long shot, but I’m happy it’s here. We signed up with AutoShare just months before ZipCar came to town and have stuck it out with AutoShare, even though their network doesn’t expand to other cities. The prices are about 20% better during busy months even cheaper during months when we barely use it. Of course, I welcome all ZipCar users to post their numbers as well.

I have not included taxes just because. Idiot fees are actually referred to as “Fees” on the statement. They cover from calling in to the call centre to extend a reservation instead of self-serving on the web ($1) all the way to the idiotic taking the wrong car ($50). In September we went from the $10/month plan to the $25/month plan so we could go from $6/hr to $5/hr. Except for the month of September, this appears to have been a good choice.

Any questions? If this post convinces you to join, please use me as a referral. We’ll both get mad cash.


  1. wendy jackson

    ryan- you have the best blog EVER. it’s not wank at all – so much useful stuff, i wish i had more time to make use of it. also, re TTC – auckland has the opposite problem: we have an amazing website for our public transport (, but the transport system is shocking. sigh. 🙂 xo w

  2. Garvan Keeley

    That’s a good deal any way you look at it. My car insurance is dead cheap, and costs $1100 for the year, my maintenance costs on the car are probably $400 for the year, but could be $800 if the car has a bad year.

  3. Dan

    For comparison:

    2006 Mazda 3 sport (per year): Lease: $5100 Insurance: $2600 Gas: $1000 Maintenance: $500 Parking: $720

    Total cost of ownership per year: $9920

    You wanna talk about “idiot fees”?

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