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Created: TTC Stop Timetable in PDF

On 02, Feb 2007 | 5 Comments | In TTC, User Experience | By Ryan Feeley

501 Timetable Why toss and turn all night when what I really wanted to do was create the 501 Timetable in PDF form?

This was not that hard to do as you might imagine. However I can’t imagine something like this being done manually for every stop. Possibly a PDF generated some a database? Anyone have any ideas on this we can share with the TTC?

I was able to use the HTML/CSS I had created yesterday by just importing the HTML file into Apple’s It was a pretty easy transition and respects some pretty tricky selectors. The only inaccuracies I can identify is that some of the cars originated at Humber Loop instead of Long Branch as indicated at the bottom, and I am totally guessing on the trip time estimates. Comments?

Maybe someone can plaster one of these in front of Pizza Pizza on Queen/Bathurst?

Updated: A few Canadians did not understand the military time so I changed the time to 12-hour notation.


  1. Hey Ryan,

    With a good variable data press this would be a no brainer to spit out a a copy for each stop.

    Have contacts in that space if there becomes any interest.

    • Ryan
  2. Hey Ryan,

    Nice looking form.

    How about a title that includes the words “streetcar” and “Toronto” somewhere?

    Magda 🙂

  3. Good idea! We get both streetcars and buses at many of our stops.

    BTW, at the Toronto Transit Camp I was told by a TTC official that PDF export is a standard add-on to their scheduling system. So is a route planner. It’s just a question of allocating (and having) the cash.

  4. nfitz

    A good idea for routes with less service or night buses.

    But it doesn’t have much use for a route that runs every 5 minutes or so, plus/minus 10 minutes!

    Besides, it’s all on the website: If I really do want it, I just open it up with my phone while standing at the stop.

  5. nfitz

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