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Google SMS, now in Canada

According to their FAQ, Google SMS is now (finally) available in Canada. This means that you can send text messages to Google and receive a response in seconds.

From their instructions:

To get movie showtimes, enter the name of a CURRENT movie and include a city and province, or postal code (ex: moviename laval qc, moviename R3H 0H4).

To get business listings, enter what you want to find and include a city and province, or postal code (ex: pizza laval qc, cafe m2n 5s3).

To get translations, enter ‘translate’ (or ‘t’) followed by the expression, ‘to’ and a destination language (ex: translate dog to french, t new to german).

To find definitions on the Web, enter ‘define’ (or ‘d’) followed by the word or phrase (ex: define ubiquitous, d network).

For NBA/NHL/MLB/NFL/NCAA scores/schedules, enter a team name (ex: Lakers, Sharks, Mets, Jets, Duke). Available only for sports in season.

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